Why the pitchforks?

The pitchfork as a symbol of resistance

The greatest human catastrophe of the Thirty Years’ War was not the deaths on the battlefields, but the deaths in looting, pillaging and rape among the civilian population, by soldiers. If at all, this population, especially in the rural areas, could only defend themselves with everyday objects, not least pitchforks. Pitchforks as used in agriculture. That they become weapons happens only in the direst of circumstances. But it is still the same today as it was then: hunger is also used as a weapon. The war in Ukraine has worsened hunger in the poorest countries on Earth to such an extent that there are now more deaths from lack of food than from fighting on the battlefield. At the same time, there is a war on the climate, which has been massively damaged by the richest countries on earth….
Most of the people who die from this crime, die in the poorest countries.

Until today, the pitchfork is often the only means in these countries to resist the greed of those in power – if resistance is possible at all… We in Europe have a duty to help these people. The pitchforks, painted white, with a 400-year-old piece of wood above their tines, have been stripped of their direct defensive capability. As a symbol of the 375th anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia, placed over the part of the Town Hall where the Hall of Peace is located, they link together to form a network of peace. And this on the 125th anniversary of the birth of Erich Maria Remarque, the militant pacifist. We need a vigilant pacifist democracy to face the current crises and catastrophes.

About the installation

Why the pitchforks at the Osnabrück Town Hall?

The redesigned forks, in connection with the Town Hall, stand for societal peace, which is oriented towards the weakest. In times of flight, hunger, fear and exclusion in the world, a society must consciously decide against the evolutionary idea of the survival of the strongest, which is characterized by perpetual growth and superficial success. Only under the sign of this solidarity will a just world peace be possible. The Town Hall dates back to a time of political power of the elites; today it is a place of democratic processes. The Peace of Westphalia was a peace agreement without recriminations. With the symbol of the forks at the Town Hall, the symbol of simple life, in connection with democratic processes, Osnabrück offers a perspective for sustainable change.

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Help me to spread forx, to balance the idea of peaceful coexistence of civilization and nature.

1648 forx forks are part of the temporary memorial at the Town Hall in Osnabrück. 100 euros is the price of a single forx fork.

Each forx fork is a personally signed and numbered unique piece.

Individual installations, mobiles, wall objects made of three, six, twelve or more forx-forks for indoor and outdoor can also be created for you.

I would be very grateful if you considered donating to the “Love and Gratitude” project.

Account: Sparkasse Osnabrück,
IBAN: DE 02 2655 0105 1648 1143 51

Price list of forks

forx 7 pieces 2000€

with metal brackets welded as installation
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forx 12 pieces 3800€

with metal brackets welded as installation
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